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  • The Rickmananista Review
    Reviews of just about all of Alan Rickman's works in radio, theater, television, films...
  • The Unofficial Alan Rickman Website
    A great resource for finding more information on anything about Alan Rickman. Also has some very active guestbooks keeping fans informed of any new developments.
  • Rafaella's Italian Fan Page
    Great Alan Rickman website in Italian and English, covers the works and has an active chat list with lots of great discussion on news and Alan Rickman's body of work!
  • Stezi's Rickman Page
    A website that very eloquently and beautifully describes what makes Alan Rickman such a great man and actor

  • Heli's Finland Rickman Pages
    Filmography, pictures, etc.
  • Red Hot Sexy Men!
    Excellent pictures of Alan Rickman from various movies, and some biographical information
  • The Movie Times
    Lots of interesting trivia
    on celebrities

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