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Modern day Alan RickmanTHE PRESENT

Alan Rickman's path of mixed luck continues to date. He played the lead role in a film called Dark Harbor (1999) which went straight to video amongst scathing critic reviews.

However his luck has since changed with two popular movies. He appears as the seraph, Metatron, in the controversial Kevin Smith film, Dogma (1999). Since a seraph is quite literally one of the 'Voices of God,' it is hard to imagine anyone more suited to the role... Interestingly, this movie was made in 1997, and was not released until early 2000 due to its potentially offensive religious content (Ed's note: I actually found this movie was trying to fill in some of the glaring gaps in the bible and was thus, probably more pro-Christian than anti-Christian...)

Galaxy Quest (1999) is the definitive movie on how a spoof should be made! This movie is a must see for anyone - whether you like SF or not, as it is hilarious... Even, Rickman, not a fan of SF was attracted to the funny script. In this film, which also stars Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman plays Alexander Dane, a classically trained actor who has been typecast for 20 years as the alien Doctor Lazarus from the tv series, Galaxy Quest.

Alan Rickman in Blow DryIn 2000, Alan Rickman stars in the contemporary romantic comedy, Blow Dry. It is due for limited release in North America anytime between October, 27, 2000 and March 9, 2001, and later elsewhere (reports conflict and Miramax keeps putting back the release date!).

Recently Alan Rickman participated in an ambitious project to film all 19 plays by Samuel Beckett. Alan Rickman was re-united with Truly, Madly, Deeply director, Anthony Minghella and co-star, Juliet Stevenson in the film adaption of 'Play.' Although the films are being made for showings in movie houses, they will be seen first on television in Ireland later this year and the UK sometime next year. It is also planned to show the movies in America and on the large screen.

A recent picture in one of the London newspapers captured Alan Rickman starring in an independent film, The Search for John Gissing. At this stage, there is no release date or distributor for this film.

For those who love his voice(...), Alan Rickman is also the voice behind a fish in the animated film, "Help! I'm a Fish" (recently released in some Scandanavian countries and starting to appear in film festival), and was recently heard narrating Eco-Challenge Argentina (available for sale at the Discovery Channel website).

At present, Alan Rickman is starring as Snape in the first three Harry Potter films (and being evasive at time of writing about appearing in the fourth...). He was most recently seen in the charming romantic comedy, Love Actually and can be see in mid-2004 playing Professor Snape again in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He is currently filming "Acts of Charity," a dark comedy in which he plays a British ex-pat journalist. Acts of Charity is due out in 2005.

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